Experts pointed out: consumables enterprises should gather development


Medical consumables clinical application is very extensive, quantity is huge, especially intravenous fluids consumables, blood purification supplies and so on the disposable medical consumables, has the strong market demand. At present, the medical consumables industry is in the product update and market rapid development stage, production enterprise to go further in this market? The expert inside course of study is to take part in "the hometown of medical consumables", henan changyuan county medical consumables held symposium on analysis said that future will be more systematic, medical consumables industry production enterprises on the one hand, should continue to increase r&d investment, continuously launch innovative products; On the other hand, should pay attention to the development, so as to form a more complete industry chain and innovation chain. 
An uptick in sales 
Medical apparatus and instruments, director of Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce said Cai Tianzhi, medical consumables is used in the treatment process of medical consumption material. From the point of price, medical consumables are divided into high-value consumables and low-value consumables. One-time high value medical consumables are planting, burial, fixed in the body is damaged, or, the lesion site to support, repair, replace the function of a class of special medical consumables; In low disposable medical consumables more refers to the medical health materials is widely used in clinical departments. 
Cai Tianzhi tells a reporter, along with the development of China's medical and health undertakings, the role of medical consumables in medical services, more and more important. Medical consumables will not only help to improve the safety of inspection, to prevent medical institutions, and subject to, the spread of disease caused by medical apparatus and instruments, and a lot of products, such as disposable kits, implanting high-value consumables, etc., have crucial effect to disease treatment effect, about the quality and safety of the patient's health and life. 
Cai Tianzhi also said that the medical device industry in China started late, early is given priority to with imitation, on the quality of products and has a certain gap with imported products. But, as a newly industrialised countries, China's science and technology progress continuously, disposable medical consumables industry in recent years to draw attention of the world, the development of material quality have improved obviously, export trade has also increased year by year. At the same time, along with our country economy development and people living standard rise, the domestic market demand and quality requirements of disposable medical consumables is higher and higher. From 2010 to 2012, our country of disposable medical consumables sales revenue increased from 26.16 billion yuan to 26.16 billion yuan. Is expected to reach 44 billion yuan, in 2014 will reach 58.5 billion yuan in 2017. 
Rally develop into a new course 
"If the initial medical equipment industry development pattern is their small business operations, so now industry pay more attention to the systematic construction of industry chain, the innovation chain." Secretary general of the China medical equipment branch of instrument institute, said Dr Xiao-qing wang. 
According to the xiao-qing wang analysis, medical equipment industry will present some new trends in the future. It is more systematic. Initially, the medical instrument industry development doesn't depend on the system, but the future industry will tend to be more systematic, products will be more systematic. In the face of such trend, each a medical equipment enterprises need to rethink about its positioning and product development. 2 it is to the multinational enterprise development. At present, the real outside medical equipment companies are less, although mindray and other national enterprises in overseas development, but compared with the transnational giants, obviously there is still a long way to go. Third, the higher standard. Medical equipment national standards is just a "pass", the real achievement brand often is the enterprise internal standard, the future some companies will establish conforms to the Chinese consumer demand higher standards. Four is the basic research deeply. Both medical consumables and medical equipment, security is the primary requirement. Some domestic medical equipment in foreign market is not so popular, one reason is that reliability was not enough. There are design, technology and other aspects of reasons for this. Predictably, medical apparatus and instruments basic research will further in the future. 
Xiao-qing wang also said that the multinational operation of medical equipment in the market competition, behind it tend to have a complete industrial chain. This means that the stragglers type development of domestic enterprises is actually compete with multinationals and industrial system, unequal. In the future, medical equipment industry in China will also establish a more collaborative development platform. 
Development of concentration distribution for the model 
The reporter understands, in the workshop during the meeting, several medical consumables production enterprises in China in changyuan county medical devices mall signed tens of millions of yuan medical consumables concentration distribution for contract (CGPO). 
"So-called CGPO, is a professional agency authorized by medical consumables used unit, with medical consumables manufacturers, distributors and other sellers to negotiate prices, through the comprehensive security team to concentrate in medical institutions with a new business model for medical consumables." China medical equipment co., LTD., the professional personage explains, the main advantages of CGPO is a manufacturing enterprise can reduce management costs, compress circulation of the intermediate links, and the cost, reduce material price, to further ensure product quality, reduce the risk of hospital and improve its management level, also helps to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises. 
Medical equipment in henan province chamber of commerce, camel group chairman guo-sheng wang said, with the deepening of the reform, the drug centralized distribution system on a trial basis and has produced results, and to "SanLing principle", namely zero contact, zero inventory, zero risk of medical consumables industry upgrading pattern are formed. Based on this situation, to establish a nationwide medical consumables logistics center become inevitable trend.